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KTRK 13's Don Nelson back on air after surgery

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After weeks away, KTRK's Don Nelson returns to abc13's morning news

Don NelsonOne of the top questions I've been getting lately is "Where is channel 13's Don Nelson?" I posted on January 30th, that Live Well HD Mirror/Mirror host Rebecca Spera was filling in for Nelson in his absence (Bob Slovak did some fill-in time too).

A tipster notified me soon after his disappearance, "Just saw Don Nelson at St Luke's Hospital Med Center with left arm in sling, waiting for passenger pickup."

This morning Nelson was back at the KTRK abc13 studios ready for some traffic duty.

"After joking that he couldn't get his arm to move above I-10 while standing in front of the traffic map, Don had shoulder surgery," the KTRK Facebook account posted about his time off.

One of the most beloved TV personalities in Houston, Nelson is a guy that plays a major role on his newscast. He and Tom Koch have been on the morning shift for decades and the viewers pay them back for the early wake up call with great ratings. I heard there were times in the 1990s that you could add all the other Houston station's morning ratings together and that number could not reach KTRK's AM news ratings.

When Nelson does eventually retire, God help whomever takes that job over. Those will be tough shoes to fill (figuratively and literally since he is a pretty tall guy).

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- VIDEO: Don Nelson on Good Morning Houston
- PHOTO: Tom Koch and Don Nelson serving drinks
- Don Nelson, Doug Brown and Tom Koch - the old team together in photo

Sam Malone's debut on 1070 The Answer KNTH

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Video shows off Sam Malone's first day on AM 1070 The Answer KNTH

As I first blogged last week, Houston radio's Sam Malone is the new morning show host on AM 1070 The Answer KNTH from 7 to 10am. Yesterday was his very first show and Sam's crew put together this video (embedded above).

Sam Malone on Phonoscope and 1070 The Answer KNTHClose observers might notice that Malone is doing the show from the radio station. You might remember that what makes this show very different is the television component on Phonoscope cable channel 11. Well, hold your horses and put down the TV remote till next week.

"We start the TV launch next Monday the 25th," Malone told me. "We are fired up about this ground breaking project!"

Radio fans will notice that longtime Houston radio man Chuck Tiller is featured in the video too. According to his bio, Chuck has been on the air in Houston for more than 33 years (he was the first producer of the legendary Hudson & Harrigan Show on KILT).

I understand a caller gave me a shout out on Malone's premiere show. Thanks for that. If you are a radio station caller, I suggest giving me a shout out all the time from now on (Boatie in Pearland, I'm looking at you!). In fact, maybe I can become the Baba Booey of Houston!

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Houston TV reporters' rodeo hits and misses

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Cleverley Stone and Sonia Azad
Cleverley Stone and Sonia Azad showing the right way to rodeo

When it comes to rodeo fashions, I'm a hard case. In fact, major Houston PR mover and shaker Shirley Barr told me my western wear needed help (see a photo here).

Thankfully Barr is here to set us straight by sending me her latest observations of Houston TV reporters covering the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Here is Barr's report:

In past years, Houston TV personalities donned lots of rodeo gear. Mia Gradney at KHOU 11 and Mary Lee at KPRC 2 both showed up at the Trail Ride sans Stetsons. We only spotted two cowgirls on the tube: Cleverley Stone, FOX 26 KRIV, was wearing a handsome black felt with rhinestone hatband and KTRK 13's Sonia Azad knew how to wear her straw hat down on her forehead, looking sharp.

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Find out more about Barr and Shirley Barr Public Relations at shirleybarrpr.com.

- Houston TV newscasts full of lovely ladies
- Houston TV anchors' changing hairdos

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Where's KHOU's Chita Johnson at high noon?

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Is Chita Johnson on the KHOU noon news or not?

Chita Johnson KHOU
Chita Johnson
Chita Johnson, KHOU 11's morning meteorologist, originally worked the noon and 4pm news when she first arrived to Houston. Then David Paul was moved to nights (eventually replacing Gene Norman as the chief) and Johnson started waking up really early.

So where does that leave the Belo station's noon show weather schedule?
I'm getting lots of questions about Johnson's status on that show. 

According to KHOU news director Philip Bruce, Chita Johnson will continue to work the noon show Monday and Tuesday. Weekend meteorologist Mario Gomez will handle the noon show Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

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Back to the issue at hand, as far as the 4pm newscast's weather schedule, that's another story. A KHOU rep tells me there's no new info on that at this point.

Houston media watchers will know there is still a KHOU meteorologist job posting still open at the time of this post's publishing. We can only assume that person will replace Chita on the noon and 4pm shows.

You can see more open positions on my Texas TV jobs page.

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Iain Page's new job, TV host's weight battle and more

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- Time for the Kids to Play Weatherman
- Are You Not Entertained?: LA Freeway Car Chase Concludes with Fiery Crash
- Dr. Jim Siebert of Fox 26 KRIV gets down!
- Houston media interviews Alex Jones after Piers Morgan Katy, TX confrontation
- Karen Borta Knows North Texas
- News 8 Daybreak - "Babysitter"
- Meet the new CBS 11 News I-team
- Weather Woman Slip on Valentine's Day Forecast. Fail.
- TV Station's Emergency Alert System Hacked, Warns of Montana Zombie attack

Former KPRC anchor Iain Page lands at WTXF Philadelphia
TVNewsCheck reports Iain Page has been named co-anchor of Fox O&O WTXF Philadelphia's Fox 29 News at 5 p.m.

The Colonel hits 40
Colonel St. James wrote on his Facebook page that February 2013 marks an important milestone. He started his broadcasting career in February 1973 sio he's been on the air for 40 years.

Sale of Historic KCOH Okayed
Declining to get into a discussion about formats, the FCC has cleared the way for La Promesa Foundation to buy historic KCOH(AM) in Houston.

NGEN introduces new radio show: ‘PHENOMENON’
NGEN radio is excited to launch PHENOMENON, an hour-long radio show hosted by Solomon Olds aka Soul Glow Activatur of Family Force 5. Airing Friday nights at 10 PM, PHENOMENON celebrates that we are alive in Christ through electronic remixes and dance tracks.

CSN boosts coverage of Astros' preseason games
Comcast SportsNet Houston will broadcast 10 Houston Astros spring training games this year.
- Hey Astros, You Might Want To Hire Some Radio Broadcasters
- Surely this is the week to announce Astros announcers

Houston Dynamo partners with Mega TV for Spanish broadcasts
Mega TV will be the official Spanish-language TV partner of the Houston Dynamo.

Local TV star fights back from bike accident, loses 60 pounds in dramatic weight battle
September 2011 marked the beginning of a rough patch for Houston public television celeb Ernie Manouse.

KSBJ welcomes Tammy Johnson to the team!
KSBJ is excited to announce that Tammy Johnson has joined the KSBJ leadership team as NGEN Station Manager and Vice President of Special Events.

'Bobby Bones Show' heads to Nashville
96.7 KHFI-FM Austin radio sensation "The Bobby Bones Show" heads to "Music City, USA" to broadcast nationally from Nashville.
- Kiss FM names Bobby Bones’ replacement

Blind date leads to marriage for Fox 7 anchor
While blind dates frequently get a bad rap, Fox 7 newscaster Keri Bellacosa says she’s a big believer.

Waco Radio: WACO-FM Sees Big Drop In Ratings
Longtime Waco radio market king WACO-FM 100 99.9 FM stumbled in the fall Arbitron ratings, but still retained its No. 1 crown, as Waco’s newest radio stations continued to build their audiences.

Gray’s KWTX Adopts Sony Media Backbone
KWTX Waco, Texas (DMA 88), plans to go on-air in March with Sony’s Media Backbone Production System, becoming the third Gray Television-owned station to do so in the past 12 months.

Internet Radio Reaches Out to Fort Hood Community
In a few weeks, FortHoodRadio.com will sign on with a new live morning show.

Greg McAlister Named President-GM Of KRIS
Cordillera Communications taps the former GM of Nexstar’s Lubbock, Texas, duopoly to head up its multiple operations in Corpus Christi, Texas.


Richard Connelly of the Houston Press has returned to duty over the last weeks.


New Sports Marketing Agency Launches in Houston
Professional Sports Partners (PSP), a newly formed sports marketing company, opened its doors with the goal of maximizing brands’ status and clients’ investment by utilizing the enthusiasm, excitement and energy associated with sports and their loyal fan bases. The new sports-oriented agency will bring top-notch talent to the court following the ignition of a partnership with between Jason Kohll and Cathy and Alex López Negrete of Lopez Negrete Communications, Inc., the largest independently owned and operated Hispanic advertising agency in the country. PSP and Lopez Negrete Communications will work hand-in-hand to deliver best-in-class marketing solutions.

- Elizabeth Burpo named National Sales Manager, Fox 26 KRIV & My20 KTXH
- Houston Astros to Sportstalk 790 KBME
- Sam Malone announced new radio show...sort of
- KNUZ 1966 aircheck
- Sam Malone joins 1070 The Answer KNTH

TV news' lost opportunity on Carnival Triumph story

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With the advent of cell phone video transfer, satellite phones...etc., hundreds of TV news crews flock to the big national stories as they happen. But why not the Carnival Triumph story?

That's the cruise ship in the Gulf of Mexico that had a fire, can't move on its own as a result and is now being towed back to port. Passengers reportedly relieve themselves in a bag and put it outside of their cabin door (almost sounds like my college dorm days).

An enterprising television station should have rented a hot air balloon from the closest land available, flown a reporter to the ship and had that ace land on board to start phoning in or transmitting live shots 24 hours a day. No sleep, no food, no bathroom breaks, just news.

I smell an Emmy...or maybe that is just that bag left outside someone's room.

Then that reporter could arrive to port in Mobile, Alabama and switch out with another reporter to embed themselves on the bus ride to Galveston or Houston. Live shots galore.

Has blogging all of these years finally made me think like TV news management?

I originally posted this plan on my Facebook account and Evan commented, "The weather men in the storms would have to figure out a way to kick it up a notch."

I replied, "That is true. They could strap themselves to the outside of the hurricane hunter plane with an iPhone and a prayer."

Where is Dan Rather when you need him?